Turn On/Off App Notifications In Windows 10


This is the most interesting feature of windows 10. You can selectively turn on or off app notifications and since then you will not receive any exasperating warning statements and announcements from those individual picked apps. Windows 10 desktop displays collection of information where a few are to alert you, some arrives with the update information, others keep notifying you about the plugged devices to your computer and many more. If you want to notify yourself with all the alert you could turn on the notification and whenever you feel the disturbance of voice appearing messages on your system, you know the need to turn off the app notifications.

The notifications in Windows 10 come on the system tray of the taskbar where there is a separate icon for notifications. Sometime you get distracted and irritated when you are notified about the unused apps and that too when you are in the middle of something very urgent. Windows 10 has provided a solution for this problem. Windows 10 allows you to turn on/off those apps whose notifications you don’t prefer to see always.
So, let's see how to turn on/off app notifications in Windows 10.

Step 1

Go to the start menu and click Settings.

Figure 1: Settings

Step 2

Clicking on settings opens a new window with many options. Click on System.

Figure 2: System category

Step 3

On the left side bar you can see many options, click Notifications & Actions.

Figure 3: Notifications & Actions

Step 4

Take a look on the right pane where you can see Show notifications from these apps. Under this segment, a list is displayed from where you can pick up the apps whose notifications you want to turn on and off.

Figure 4: Show notifications

Step 5

So, individually switch on and off the apps you prefer. For example, I don’t want to be notified about the Windows Explorer. So, simply move the slider left to right to turn on the notification and right to left for turning off the notifications.

Figure 5: Turn On/Off Notification

This is a very important tool which provides you freedom to get notifications of the selected app on your Windows 10. If you think a particular app is more important for which you would get updates or upcoming changes you can leave it on.


In this article you saw how to turn on/off App Notifications in Windows 10.