What Is File Explorer In Windows 10


Windows 10 have many new features that includes File Explorer program, it is also known as windows explorer. It is used as a core element of the operating system. There are many new tools to make it very fast, though the basic work and functionality will be same to anyone who has used Windows 7, XP or later.

This is the quick guide on some of the new features of the new File Explorer.

Quick Access

The Quick Access is in which by default is the first section of the navigation pane in the left-hand column. Quick Access shows both your most recently used folders and folders that you manually assign to this area to quickly get to / from any folder in Windows.

                                                Figure 1: File explorer quick access

You can do this with any folder in Windows. Just right-click or long-press any folder on any screen, then click Pin to Quick access.

File menu

In latest versions of Windows a lot of the functionality in the File menu has been moved to other portions of File Explorer, but there are still a way of handy tools here for main users. For both the Command Prompt and Windows Power shell tools.


                                                        Figure 2: File explorer file menu

The File menu will let you open new instances with the current folder already active.

Picture tools

File Explorer contains some basic photo tools but by default they are hidden. For knowing the feature of picture tools open a folder with photo files and then click one of them. A new yellow tab picture tool will open above the manage ribbon tab. Click it and you can quickly access tools to rotate a photo left or right.

                                    Figure 3: File explorer picture tools


File Explorer has a search bar, it's like most modern Internet browsers. It's a very fast part of Windows, but when you use the search function in File Explorer itself, your search will be limited to the folder you currently have open (plus any files contained in folders inside that folder).

                                                      Figure 4: File explorer search

File Explorer search doesn’t have same functionality of a full Cortana search.


This article will show the functionality of File Explorer in Windows 10.

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