Create Simple Product in Magento Using PHP


This article explains how to create a simple product in a Magento site using PHP. I will create a simple product, like books and describe step-by-step how to manage the product. Magento is CMS and using Magento you can develop an e-commerce site and Magento provides the best way to develop an e-commerce website like a plugin and modules for you. You can easily manage any functionality of a related product but in this section I will describe only how to create a simple product in Magento.

First, click on "Catalog" and select "Manage product".

manage product

And next step is to select "Add product" in the top right of the page.

Add product

And next select the attribute set as the default and select a product type as simple product.

select simple product

And press "Continue".


Product detail

You can manage all the product information from this page.



Name Product name as it will appear in the front page.
Description Provide the description of your product and this description is shown in the center of the page.
Short description This description is shown in the top of the page.
SKU SKU is a unique identifier for your product name.
Product Weight Product weight is used for a shipping calculation.
Product from date to date Date range promoted as a new product.
URL key Make URL key for searching of the product.

product information


Enter the price and special price information for the product.

manage price

Meta information

Meta information is related to a SEO and fill in this page meta title, meta keywords and meta description for this product.

seo information


In this page you need three images per product, the base images, the small images and the thumbnail images. You can use these three properties to fulfill the requirements of images. And first of all, you will browse a file and then upload images.

browse files

upload files


Using this page, you can control the look and feel of each product page individually in the product page. This is a very simple design for a categories page. Such as, in this section I will choose an iPhone category and select page layout column one.

 for design


This setting shows quantity and stock availability. The quantity is your stock at the moment. In this section admin adds and maintains the product of your stock availability. In this page is available most settings related to quantity and stock availability. There are two types of stock availability, like an In Stock and Out Stock.



In this section you will choose your category of product and you can select multiple products of your product.

 default category

Related Product

In this section you can attach available multiple related products.


 related product

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