View to Controller Method 5: Day 20

In this article we post data from a view to a controller using Html.BeginForm and receive using a Request object.

To post data from a view to a controller, we saw the following methods:

  1. Using Html.BeginForm() View To Controller Method 1
  2. Using Html.BeginForm() by passing action name and controller name explicitly View To Controller Method 2
  3. Using Html.BeginForm() by passing FormMethod View To Controller Method 3
  4. Using Html.BeginForm() by calling action method by action name View To Controller Method 4
Step 1
    Create a MVC project from the "Empty" template.
    Right-click on "Controllers" and select "Add" >> "Controller...".
Step 2
    Select "MVC 5 Controller - Empty" to add an empty controller.
    Click on the "Add" button.

Step 3

    Name the controller as "CalcController".
    An Index() action result method will be added.

Step 4
    To add a view, right-click on "Index" and select "Add View...".

Step 5

    Name the view and select "Empty (without model)" as the template. Click on the "Add" button.

Step 6

    Design a form inside Html.BeginForm, set the form method and create a submit button to submit the form.

    retrieve data using request object in Asp Dot Net MVC

Step 7

    Request.Form is a namevaluecollection that access values sent using the post method. In previous articles we get from a FormCollection object and now in this method we get from a Request object. The following is sample code that shows how to retrieve data using a request object.

    HTML form

Step 8

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