GridView Data Binding in ASP.NET Using WCF Service

In this article I will explain how to bind data in a GridView from a SQL Server database using a WCF Service.


In this article first we will create a WCF service to get data from a SQL Server table. Then we will bind the data to a GridView control.

Step 1:

Create a new WCF Service Application


Note: I am using Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010 Express

Step 2:

Add the following code in IService1.cs:


Step 3:

Add the following code in Service1.svc.cs:


Note: Add your connection string to the Web.config file:


Step 4:

Run the application to open the WCF Test Client:


Copy the path of Service1.svc.

Step 5:

We have created a WCF service to retrieve data from a database. Now we will create an ASP.NET Web Application and add (by dragging) a GridView control to the Default.aspx as below:


Step 6:

  • Add a WCF service reference in the project
  • Right-click on the Service References in Solution Explorer
  • Select Add Service Reference
  • Paste the location of Service1.svc in the Address box copied in Step 4
  • Click on Go
  • Click on OK


Step 7:

Add the following code in Default.aspx.cs:


The final output:


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