First Look at Book: Designing Evolvable Web APIs With ASP.Net by Glenn Block

In India order this book from Amazon here
"You become what you read"

In this era of Kindle, tablets and eBooks, I proudly consider myself to be a real book lover. I get more connected to a real book than any eBook on any trendy device.  To puruse my passion of collecting good books, today I got the WEB APIs book with ASP.NET by Glenn Block. Even before I began learning from this book, I was sure this book will teach me many good things about HTTP, REST and the WEB API. 

I got the book delivered from Amazon this afternoon. It is summer in Delhi and the Sun is at its best yielding temperatures of 45 degrees centigrade. I had to go out in this weather to collect the book but trust me it was worth going out.

Web APIs with ASP book
I thank from the bottom of my heart Glenn Block for this wonderful gift. I can't express in words how I will enjoy and learn from this book.
This book ha great credentials since it is authored by veterans like Glenn Block, Pablo Cibraro, Pedro Felix, Howard Dierking and Darrel Miller.

Book author
In India order this book from Amazon here
There are 17 chapters in this book.  They are as follows:

  1. The Internet , the World Wide Web , and HTTP
  2. Web APIs
  3. ASP.NET Web API 101
  4. Processing Architecture
  5. The Application
  6. Media Type Selection and Design
  7. Building the API
  8. Improving the API
  9. Building the Client
  10. The HTTP Programming Model
  11. Hosting
  12. Controllers and Routing
  13. Formatters and Model Binding
  14. HTTP Client
  15. Security
  16. The OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework
  17. Testability

I am fortunate to see the evolution of WCF SOAP to WCF REST to the Web API.  I have not started reading it yet but at the very high level I perceive this book as one of the greatest guides for learning HTTP Services. This book helps to create Web APIs harnessing the power of HTTP. I strongly recommend this book, if you are willing to create REST Services. 

Our hero Scott Guthrie is also impressed by this book and he has said something like the following about this book:

So what are you waiting for? Go and grab your copy and start learning and coding. Great job by Glenn and other authors.
In India order this book from Amazon here

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