How to Detect Device is Connected to Internet Using Cordova

Recently, I have been working on a Hybrid Application. I encountered a requirement to detect whether the device is connected to the internet or not. Since I was developing a Hybrid Application I had an option to detect Internet using HTML5 . However this approach had a problem in browsers that do not support HTML5. A better approach to detect internet connectivity of a device is through Cordova (PhoneGap).

You can detect whether a device is online or offline in an "if" condition as follows:


If the device is connected to the internet then you can check the type of connection in the device using Cordova as well. You can do that as in the following:


Make sure you have added the reference of Cordova to work with this.


The best practice is to create a function to detect the device connectivity status and call that function when the device is ready. I hope you find this article useful. Thanks for reading.