Import Adobe Photoshop File in Expression Blend 4

Step 1

Open Expression Blend 4 -> select WPF -> select WPF Application, change Name and Location accordingly,  hit OK, a Blank Window appears.

Step 2

Select File Menu -> select Import Adobe Photoshop File... Option, a Dialog-Box appears as shown below:


Step 3

When the Dialog-Box appears, select the Folder containing PSD-File, select any PSD-File and click Open as shown below: 


Step 4

After selecting any file, another Dialog-Box opens ie; Import Adobe Photoshop File as shown below:


Step 5

This Dialog-Box contains Layers of the Image. Hit OK. The file, along with layers are imported into Expression Blend 4 as shown below:



Step 6

Now, we can make changes according to our choice in the Layers like Background-Color, Foreground-Color, Left, Top, Width & Height, Margin and Alignment of Text as shown below:



Here, we can learn the use of the Import Option. 

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