Create An ASP.NET MVC Website In Azure App Service

Step 1: Open an Azure Free account.

Step 2: Open Visual Studio 2013.

Step 3: Create a new Web Application either C# or VB.NET.

Create a new Web Application

Step 4: Now a template dialog box will be visible, choose MVC and then select Change Authentication option.

choose MVC

After selecting the Authentication option another dialog will appear. Select No Authentication option and click OK. Now leave the Microsoft Azure option as unchanged.

Select No Authentication

Step 5: A Login Dialog box will appear if we not login into the Azure Subscription

Login Dialog box

Step 6: After you login to the Account, Configure Microsoft Azure Web App Settings dialog box will appear:

Configure Microsoft Azure Web App Settings

Step 7: Do the following as shown in the preceding diagram:

  1. In Wep App Name write the name of the site.
  2. In App Service plan drop down menu select a plan and give a name.
  3. In Resource group select a resource from the drop down menu or create your own.
  4. In Region select a region which is close to you.
  5. Then select your database connection.

    Now the App Service window will be created as in the following screenshot:

    App Service

Step 8: Right click the Application and select Publish... option.

select Publish option

Step 9: Publish Web wizard Dialog box will appear, Select Your Profile.

Select Your Profile

In Connection, Visual Studio will provide all the Settings automatically.


In Settings tab you can change the setting according to the remote connection.

Setting tab

On Preview tab, click Publish.

click publish

You web page will display.

Step 10: Now open Views/Home/Index.cshtml, change the site as u need like the following.

Index cshtml


Step 11: Save the changes and again select public by right clicking the Project as in the following screenshot:

my first azure website

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