Associating Shared Repositories in QTP Tool

You can manage the shared object repository associations of a selected test using the Associate Repositories dialog box.

The Associate Repositories dialog box enables you to associate one or more shared object repositories with one or more actions in a test. You can also remove object repository associations from selected actions or from all actions in the test.


To manage object repository associations in the Associate Repositories dialog box, perform one of the following:

Choose Resources > Associate Repositories.


In the object repository window, choose Tools > Associate Repositories:


In the Object Repository window, click the Associate Repository button.

The Associate Repositories dialog box opens.


To add a shared Object Repository to the list so you can associate it to one or more actions in the current test, click the Add Repository button. Then Open Shared Object Repository dialog box.

To modify the name or path of an associated shared object repository, click a shared repository in the Repositories list and then click the browse button to open a file selecting dialog box in which you can select a different shared object repository.


To remove an object repository from the list and thereby remove all of its associations to any actions in the current test, select the object repository and click the Remove Repository button.


Click OK. The changes you made to the object repository associations are applied.

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