Enable Google AdSense In Your ASP.NET Website

enable Google adsense

This is the most frequently asked question in Forums. So I decided to write a specific post on this topic. As an AdSense user (struggled with Google over 6 months I got my AdSense approval), I’m going to explain how to enable AdSense in your website regardless of technology (either you used ASP.Net or PHP or Java,  etc) which you are using to built your site.

I just want to tell one thing first: There is no short cut to get your Adsense approval from Google. Go with the following guidelines:

1. Do you have your own website?

This is the first point you should have. In order to place the ads you must have a valid website as per the Google terms. As per the Google's terms your site must be:

  • 6 months live in web.
  • The user must be 18 years old.
  • Website must comply with Google policies.
  • The base eligibility criteria and rules are listed in this Google url.

2. Apply for AdSense.

If you passed in the above step, you are eligible for applying AdSense account to Google. Before that you must have a valid Gmail ID to signin AdSense. While you sign in for AdSense you just need to tell about your website content, your mailing address, etc. Signup and approval related faqs are drafted here by Google. After a successful signup, Google takes some amount of time to verify your website, the time may be in 24 to 48 working hours.

3. Verification Steps

After you got approval from Google, Google will verify that you are the webmaster (owner) of that site. Normally they will sent some text (like “This site obeys Google’s terms and policies” ) and put it on the home page footer. After that, they will send approval mail and Adsense Id, which will be used to track your AdSense account by Google.

4. About Ads

After your verification completes, you can login to your Adsense account, where you can draft your ads as per your need. Please see the basic ad unit drafting interface given by Google in the following figure.

ad unit

You can choose whether you can go with only text ads (You can choose the text color as well) or animated gif ads or both like this. Also Google provide the ad units shown below:


In order to place the ads in your site, you just need appropriate space on your site based on the ad size, nothing more on that. As per the Google’s policies, in one page you can put only 3 ads.

5. My Personal Experience & suggestions

When I approached Google, I got rejected so many times by Google for various reasons like not enough content, Invalid copy rights, etc. However, finally I got it after all the hurdles. As I previously told it takes over 6 months of time. No pain, no gain. Isn’t it?

Last year on  my website, I included the chatting page given by third party. Google warned me to remove that page from site which violates the Google AdSense terms and conditions. As soon I got the mail I removed the page, then everything went smoothly. So be aware while including such kind of things on your site.

I also want to participate in other programs also, so I tried Chitika and infolinks on my site. As a matter of fact in your website you are free to use other affiliated programs too. Google will not FORCE or STOP YOU!

Hope this helps someone! If you have any suggestions or comments please mention it in the comments section.

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