Publish ASP.NET Web Application Using Visual Studio 2015

The main purpose of publish dialog is provide a simplified way to take the file list which need to be published on your website. In this article I’m going to explain how to publish an MVC web application using the “publish” dialog provided in VS 2015.

Step 1: Open Publish Dialog.

You can open the publish dialog by “Right Click” on the project, then selecting “Publish” on the floating menu.

Step 2:
Create Profile.

As a first step, you should create a profile before publishing. This is just one kind of grouping, say for example you can create multiple profile one for Azure and one for local. So when next time you open this dialog you can see the profiles and select from them.

I have selected “Custom” as “Publish Target” and given profile name “LocalPublish”.

Step 3:
Select the Connection.

In this step, we need to tell where our published files are going to be. You can publish the files directly on your server also by selecting “Web Deploy” publish method or you can use FTP too.

Since I’m going to publish files in local file system, so I selected “File System”.

Step 4:
Select Configuration and other settings.

In thpreceding step, you can choose “Configuration” mode and other settings like delete files before publishing in the specific folder, precompile, etc.

Step 5:
Preview & Publish.

You are about to complete your publishing. Click Publish to start the publishing as in the following screenshot:

In the output window you can see the result of the publish.

Hope this post is useful who are all using the “Publish” option in Visual Studio 2015.

Happy Coding!

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