Open Live Writer - An Alternative For Windows Live Writer

For the last couple of years, I have used an essential Windows tool called “Windows Live Writer” for blogging. Yes! It made my job easier. It reduces huge amounts of work regarding formatting, inserting images etc., in my blog post. Literally, I’m a big fan of it.

But most recently, Google changed its authentication mode and adopted a new authentication technique. So whenever you tried to post/publish a draft you got the following error:

As a remedy, I Googled and Binged a lot and found another alternative called “Open Live Writer." You can download it from here. It’s an open source editor, developed by a group of people inside and outside (.NetFoundation) Microsoft. If you want to participate you can get the source from the following url:
Scott Hanselman’s post is very helpful, which discusses removed features and features on the way in OLW etc.,
One of the main drawbacks that I found in OLW (Open Live Editor) is, it missed out on the “Automatic spell check," which I thought all bloggers loved. Another piece of good news is you can run OLW and Windows Live Editor side by side. As a tweak for the “Spell Check Issue," I still use Windows Live Editor to draft my blog and publish it by OLW. Hope this tweak is still worth mentioning!

Hope this post will help for someone! Smile  

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