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In this article let's welcome Visual Studio Code as a new member of the Visual Studio family.


Visual Studio Code is a new member of the Visual Studio family. This article shows how to get started with this. In Build 2015 , there was a presentation by Scott Hanselman, where he announced the new tool called Visual Studio Code. It was a great presentation, where he explained everything about this cool tool.

I can't stop myself from trying. So, let's get started.
  • Download Visual Studio Code from MepeHe
  • This is cross-platform, so, you can choose whatever platform you want to work with.

  • I selected Download Code for Windows.

  • I was amazed to see that it installed within two minutes. I liked it.

  • It has a cool Welcome screen.
  • Love to see that I can use Scafolding using Yeoman.
  • Great, I am ready to start.

Code Example

I just tried my existing WebAPI Code. Just select my existing folder by File and then Open Folder. I got everything there. It seems to be nearly similar to Notepad++ or Sublime text, but I am sure it is much more than just an editor.

It provides Intellisense.

I can navigate within files. Need to press Ctrl + O. It reminds me of Resharper.

Additional Tools

Visual Studio Code has the ability to use the existing code chain:

  • ASP.NET5
  • NodeJS (with NPM)
  • Yeoman
  • Hottowel
  • Gulp
  • Express
  • Mocha
  • Bower
  • TypeScript
  • and so on

Important points

  • Visual Studio Code is cross-platform.
  • It does not matter whether you work with Windows, Mac or Linux.
  • It provides intelligence similar to Visual Studio.
  • You can navigate within files in a flavor of Resharper.
  • If you don't really have any project setup, you can start with scaffolding using Yeoman.

Want to Contribute

If you want to contribute or want to add your own idea, then post here: Contribution

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