Windows Store Development Tips and Tricks -1 : Debugging Options

I will be starting a series of Windows Metro Tips and Tricks (Metro is has recently been renamed Windows Store or Modern UI Applications) from now on.

Our first tip will be about changing your Debug Options.

While you're developing a Windows Store App, you have 3 Options for debugging it:

  1. Simulator

  2. Local Machine

  3. Remote Machine



If you choose Simulator, your application will not deploy on your Windows 8 system; instead it will run inside a Windows 8 Simulator.


I will be talking about Windows 8 Simulator functionality later.

Local Machine

If you choose Local Machine, it will deploy to your Windows 8 system and be installed there. But don't worry, everytime it installs, it updates the application.

But be warned!

I would highly recommend you deploy it to the Simulator first. If everything's fine with the application, then use Local Machine Debugging.

Remote Machine

This will allow you to deploy your application on a Remote Windows 8 machine. When you click on it you'll see this dialog window appear:


You can set the Address and Password of the machine here.

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