Print in C#

So you want to learn how to do printing using C#. Here is your complete guide. 

There are four kinds of applications you can build using C# that may require printing.

  • Windows Forms Application
  • ASP.NET Web Application
  • WPF Application
  • Silverlight Application

The printing process in all these four different types of application works in four separate ways.

In a Windows Forms application, you need GDI+ API to print. This includes printing text, images, user interfaces and partial forms. Here are some good resources on this topic.

Printing in ASP.NET is similar to printing Windows Forms but Web can't really render pixels so you need to convert drawings into an image and display the image. Here is a good resource on this topic.

WPF and Silverlight provide a printing APIs.

There are many more resource on C# Corner on printing. Check out this section:

Printing in C#

Check out this free complete book on Printing

Printing in C# Made Easy

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