What is New in Windows 10

Microsoft just demoed the tech preview of its next version of its operating system, Windows 10. The next windows will be called Windows 10. Yes, they have skipped Windows 9. Read Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 to learn more about Windows 10. 

While Windows 10 is still in works, here are some of the key features you will see in Windows 10.

Windows Start Menu is back

We know how painful it was not to live without the Start Menu. It’s back.

Search is Back

Search is back in the task bar as well as on the screen. Now search will be much easier than using just WIN+Q.

The new search not only searches the desktop and apps but also searches the Web now. Yes, now you can simply use the Search bar to search the Web.

Optimized View for All Devices

Windows 8 was designed and optimized to work with tablet and full screen touch devices only. The new  Windows 10 provides flexibility to manage your own screen sizes and layouts. You can resize, maximize, minimize any applications and use the background and foreground (tile them) as you were used to in Windows 7.


New Task View

New Task View allows users to view currently open apps and also switch between the open apps. Also all open apps icons are displayed on the Task View.

Custom Screens

Windows 10 allows you to create your own custom screens and use and share them with different accounts. You can also have up to 4 app snaps in a single screen.

You may have different screen for home and work.

Come back soon to learn more about Windows 10 and check out the preview here:


Setup Virtual Machine for Windows 10
If you're planning to give Windows 10 a try, I recommend using a virtual machine. C# Corner MVP, Sara has written a great article on this.
Check it out here:

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