Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Download the attached PDF and print out the sheet. 


Here is a list of Windows 8 Hot Keys.

  • Win = Windows key on the keyboard
  • Win + Key = Press keys while Windows key is pressed. 


Switches between old desktop view and new metro view

Win + B

Takes you back to the desktop

Win + C

Opens the Charms Bar

Win + D

Go to Desktop

Win + E

Opens  Windows Explorer

Win + Enter

Opens Windows Narrator

Win + F

Searches Files

Win + H

Goes to share settings pane

Win + I

Opens Settings menu

Win + J

Switches focus between snapped metro style apps

Win + K

Open device settings pane and lists currently connected devices

Win + L

Locks the screen

Win + M

Minimizes all applications

Win + P

Opens second screen and projector settings

Win + Pause

Opens System Properties window

Win + Print Screen

Takes a screen shot of current screen and saves as a PNG in PicturesLibrary

Win + R

Opens Run window

Win + T

Previews Opened Windows in Taskbar

Win + Tab

Opens Switch List

Win + U

Opens  Ease of Access Center

Win + Q

Opens Global Search

Win + W

Searches System Settings

Win + X

Opens System Utility settings in menu in the bottom-left corner

Win + Z

Accesses Options of Metro Apps



Win + .

Snaps application to the left side

Win + ,

Peeks at the desktop, also known as Aero Peek

Win + Shift + .

Snaps application to the right side and also used to toggle betweenthe right side, left side and full screen



Ctrl + Mouse Scroll

In metro view, tiles zoom toggle

In desktop view, changes desktop icon size

Ctrl + Shift+ N

Creates a new folder in currently selected directory

Win + Page Up/ Page Down

Switches between the primary and the secondary monitors in dual displaymode


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