PRAYAN - A C# Corner Initiative: Empowering Village Youth

On August 4, 2015, C# Corner took another step towards its goal of empowering village youth by hosting an event for the students of "Choudhary Charan Singh Braj Khand Inter College, Bathain, Mathura". As the event is titled “PRAYAN”, it has evolved into an opportunity to create awareness and educational opportunities for the less fortunate who do not have ample resources to educate their children. Additionally, the event helps provide career guidance to those students still searching for their own path to success.

The C# Corner team consisting of Mahesh Chand, Praveen Kumar, Kamal Rawat, Dinesh Beniwal, Dhananjay Kumar, Sundar Lal, Manish Tewatia, Atul Gupta and Vishal Tiwari began their journey on Tuesday to Bathain khurd (Kosi Kalan). The team arrived to find over a thousand in attendance. Ranging from students and school authorities to the village head and other villagers, all were delighted with inspiring presentations and motivational speeches by the C# Corner team who is dedicated to this worthy cause.

Since the event was held at the same school Mahesh Chand attended as a youth, those in attendance could see first hand what one can accomplish with the very same drive and dedication to succeed. Having become a globally well-known tech veteran and author, Mahesh has shifted his focus from the corporate world to social responsibility in the form of empowering more and more youths to follow his path to success. Given the growing support of “PRAYAN”, Mahesh plans to continue down this path of being an advocate towards education becoming a youth icon and being a role model for many around the world.

First initiated by Dhananjay Kumar on October 19, 2013, C# Corner has seen “PRAYAN” grow in popularity as the most event amassed its largest attendance to date. Overall, students and villagers from more than 12 villages were in attendance. With such an overwhelming response, Mahesh Chand and C# Corner plan to continue the initiative by hosting more events in the future.

To begin the event, the village Pradhan  greeted the speakers with a turban . The C# Corner team was delighted with this warm welcome.

Dhananjay Kumar initiated the event and inspired students towards the role of education and hard work in one's quest towards attaining success.

Our next speaker Kamal Rawat took the stage and gave career advice to young students.

Finally, the event was taken forward by Mahesh Chand on how to overcome roadblocks to education. His message also focused on the parents by challenging them to inspire their children towards education given its role in today's competitive world.

We would like to thank all the attendees present at the village and the school authorities for making the event a great success.

Finally we concluded with a group photograph.

The event was a success where the main objective was accomplished. Here are some more pictures that clearly display some amazing efforts by villagers in making the event a success.

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