Convert VB6 Form to VB.NET Win Form


VB .NET has changed the way developer used to program in VB6, GUI of VB6 used to hide most of the internals working from the developer but with VB.NET every aspect of programming is open GUI controls and all. The language it self got changed with VB.NET. If you want to port your VB6 application to VB.NET then the most laborious job would be of creation of each and every form that you have done in VB6..,is there any way to avoid that (till Microsoft comes with some tool to upgrade the VB6 application to VB.NET). Yes here is the first step toward this. Application present here tries to do that for you.

A Note of Caution: In the present form it will not work perfectly in most cases like if a VB6 form have control array.. there is nothing like control array in VB.NET ..,there are lots loop holes in this version ..,still it can work for most of the Common used controls like Command Button , Text box, labels, treeview, listview and many more like openfiledialog controls and all.
This application depends on the IO and XML capabilities of .NET.

How to run?

When running the application, select the same form file as the source and the destination. The application will automatically create a new file with a .vb extension (VB.NET style) instead of an .frm extension.

Please help me with feedback and any suggestion for improvement of this tool. This is version 0.01 of this tool.