How to Create a task in Task Scheduler in Windows

Basically, the Task Scheduler allows computer jobs to be executed when a pre-determined trigger occurs. Now we will learn more about the scheduler step-by-step.

Step 1: Click on the Start Menu then enter "task" then the Task Scheduler will be in the results as in the following:

Task scheduler
                                                               Image 1

Or you can go the Start -> All Programs -> Accesories -> System Tools.

Task scheduler in startmenu
                                                         Image 2

Step 2: Now select Action -> Create Basic Task.

create basic task
                                                                           Image 3

Step 3: A wizard will open. Provide a name and description here.

Name and description
                                                                                 Image 4

Step 4: Now set the trigger.

set trigger
                                                                                 Image 5

                                                                           Image 6

Step 5: Set you the action here.

Set Action
                                                                           Image 7

Step 6: Set the Action Property.

Set Action Property
                                                                              Image 8

Step 7: Now click Finish. Your scheduler is ready for action.

click Finish
                                                                           Image 9

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