Look at Load Testing in Visual Studio 2012

In my previous article, we had a look at web performance testing and how to use it. Here, we will look into how to perform a load test with a specific number of virtual users within Visual Studio 2012. Create a sample Web Performance Test, add a Load Test and use the following procedure.


Click "Next".

Click- next-Load-Testing

Enter the name for the test scenario with default options and click "Next".


Enter the number of virtual users with which the tests need to be performed or specify a starting user count, interval at which users should be increased then click "Next":

Load- Pattern

Select the desired test mix model then click "Next".


Add your Web Performance Test to the Load Test.



Specify the Network Mix then click "Next".


Specify the browser type to be used in Load Testing and click "Next".


Click "Next" and add the computer for which performance counters need to be analyzed.


Click "Finish".


Run the load test.


It will run the test and shows the counter, like page response, processor time and so on.


We can add our own counters as well as Thread Count, Private Bytes and so on by creating a new graph from "Test Explorer" as shown below.


Drag and drop the counters onto the graph.


By using the above feature, we can perform load testing, collect performance counters and understand errors and violations to better analyze our application under stress in terms of response time, memory, processor usage and so on.