Narrator Option In Windows 10

This is a fantastic option provided by Microsoft to narrate everything on the desktop and what/where we are navigating. A background speech tells you what you are doing. The narration can be controlled; for example, the pitch and speed of the voice. 
Let's move on to "How the Narrator option works in Windows 10."

Step 1: Go to Setting tab in Windows 10.

Step 2: Under Settings go to "Personalization" icon.

Step 3: Under Settings, Personalization, click "High contrast settings" tab.

Step 4: Click "High contrast settings," Ease of Access , Narrator option, and then click On for the Narrator as in the following screenshot:

Step 5:

You can see the voice indicating the documents available in your desktop. Option of selecting the male voice or female voice is provided and I tried to highlight the same.

Step 6: By default, two inbuilt voices were added.
  1. Microsoft David
  2. Microsoft Zira

Step 7: You are provided an option to control the voice by manipulating the speed and pitch of the voice.

Step 8: If you want to narrate the words you are typing, yes, it's possible.

Step 9:

You can see many options under narrator. This is really easy to understand. Microsoft provides the options of setting On and Off the following options.

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