Active Directory Configuration & Creating A New Domain User In DNS (Windows Server 2012 R2)

In this article I will explain how to create a new domain user account in Windows Server and what prerequisites for configuratio are required. We will also see what is DNS and Active Directory Domain Services.


Active Directory Domain Services are called  AD DS in Server Manager. It will store the directory data and manage the communication between users and domains. And it will store the user logon processes, authentication, and directory searches.


Domain Name System is to store all domain related controls. And it is very important for Active Directory Configuration. Because whenever clients send the request to get the domain controller services it must replay.

There are two types of DNS reply available,

  • Iterative
  • Recursive

DNS configuration is very simple and straightforward as long as you follow the basic rules of configuration. Some configurations are really important and remember when you are configuring the DNS servers it should allow administrators to get a better handle on options that can make a difference in DNS operation, logging, and troubleshooting.

Ok., let's see the Active Directory Configuration.

For more details about DNS ,follow this link

Step 1: Add a Role and Features,

Active Directory will use the DNS as the location mechanism for domain controllers and after installing Active Directory, these records can be found on the domain controller in the following location:


In the Server Manager, Click “Add Roles and Features,”

Add Roles and Features

Then it will redirect to the below screen,


Select Role Based or Feature based installation then click Next button it will go to the Server installation page,


Then Click next, let it be in the auto selection,


Select the DNS and Active Directory Domain Services Features and one more piece of  info (Please do not select Ac cs –Active directory Certificate services before completing the AD DS otherwise it will throw errro).

AD DS will prompted like a below screen shot,


If you selected DNS role,


Then it will give the option to select any additional feature, but in here I will keep it default.

Click on next to continue,



Then it will give details about DNS and AD DS and it will take quite some time to add the feature once it is completed. It will be available in the Server manager page and it looks like below,


Once it finishes click on "close" to exit from the wizard. Then it will Reboot the server to complete the installation.


Next steps are very important to promote the active directory configuration.


Then it will start the ADDS Configuration wizard,

Select the Add New Forest Deployment operation and enter the name like or (msdn suggested),


Then click next,


Click next,


Then Click next,


Then click, it prompt to show netbios name automatically your servername then click next,




Then install it will complete all the steps.

Now we will see about how to create a Domain User in AD,

In the windows menu click Active Directory User and Computer,


CliCk Users,


Then Enter the below details and save it,


Yes, user is created in active directory. Completed all the steps.


Thanks for reading my article and if any helpis  required please reach out to me.

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