Add / Update User In Azure Active Directory

Good day friends, in case you don’t remember or are new here than I want to mention that recently I posted an article on "How to integrate ASP.NET Core and Azure Active Directory".

This article belongs to first part of Azure AD from my side. In the second article I am going to show you how we can add or edit existing users or add new users in Azure active directory.


First and most important step for this is that one needs administrator permission to complete this operations at Azure portal. Every person who is the owner of an Azure subscription is also the owner and administrator for: - 1 "default" directory In Azure Active Directory

Step One:

All you need to do is sign in to your Azure account, search active directory and click on it, in your active directory click on that directory and move to user tab, below image will display how your organization ADD will display user account in azure portal.


Add User:

Click on user tab and click on Add User, There are four types of user right nowthat  you can add in Azure Active Director; the  below diagram will explain you those in more details,
Once you complete user details you can assign user rule from second step of Role Drop Down,

Once you will complete those steps Azure will allow you to get a temporary password for the profile and you can share that user name and profile to access your Azure AD.

Update User:

Once your new user is successfully added in Azure Active directory it will display in the list of users in your organizaiton AD, if you want to change the detials of any user just double click on it and you can change its name, user name and role.

Reset Password of Azure Actover direcotry user:

Once you double click on the user at the botton there is a reset password button, just click on it and restof the steps will be done by clicking reset password button.



Azure AD lets you focus on building your application by making it fast and simple to integrate with a world class identity management solution used by millions of organizations around the world. To explore more please open.

Happy Programming.

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