An Introduction To IoT


This article is for motivated developers who are new to the field of IoT. It provides answers to some of the basic questions -

What is IoT?

IoT (Internet of Things) is a network of physical objects, devices (like Arduino, Raspberry), vehicles, electronic components, software, and sensors that connect to each other and exchange data.


How it works?

It works with the help of internet, sensors, and IoT devices, in the following format -


It connects with the internet and other devices surrounding it. Then, it collects the information provided to the IoT.

It does the analysis as per the program done, makes decision, and distributes the orders.


Why be concerned about IoT?

To get rid of issues like control on devices, vulnerability management, small decision making, etc., and

to lead a controlled society where we get ease in medical facilities, transportation, security system monitoring etc.IoT
Where is IoT?

In the engineering field, it is used in the production section, marketing section, safety services, delivery services, etc.,

In the medical field, it has now become easy for the doctors to monitor their patients with the help of IoT.

Traffic systems can be installed with IoT to provide a secure and fast travel experience.

In environmental monitoring, it is used currently to monitor air and water pollution, and weather of an area.

In farming, IoT is used in watering the plants as per the climate and requirements of the plants.


My Idea

  1. Education
    In the education field, we can use IoT to get an updated syllabus and the required syllabus in the easiest way, with the taste of local traditions and culture; so that the students can learn easily.


  2. Charity
    We can use IoT in the field of charity. As our modern homes are filled with IoT, it will reduce the wastage of food, water, medicines, toys etc., we can make charity boxes which will have these saved foods, water, energy etc.,



From this article, I have shown the basics of the Internet of Things  to involve you in the IoT. Involvement will help you developers learn things.

My next article will be on classification of Arduino.

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