Being Agile - Agile Process

What is Agile?

Agile is a philosophy or set of rules that uses organization models based on People, Collaboration, and Values, When applied, it produces an Empirical Process.

It's a time-boxed iterative way to deal with the software delivery that builds software incrementally from the beginning of the task, rather than attempting to conveying everything immediately from the beginning to the end.

It works by splitting features into little bits of tasks (called user-stories), organizing them, and after that, planning to deliver them in short two to four weeks cycles, called sprint.
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Agile Process Characteristics
  1. Incremental and iterative delivery: To test assumptions and fail faster.
  2. Frequent Customer Feedback: To improve the quality of the product.
  3. Flow and Emergent Design: To improve the quality of product and ability of the team to respond to changes.
  4. Evolving Process: To improve the quality of product and people.
  5. Continuous Planning: To improve predictability.
  6. Autonomous Team: To improve self-organization
  7. Cross-functional team: To improve collaboration.
Being Agile

People are collaborating together to build valuable products that fulfill the customer needs at a sustainable pace. Doing Agile isn't the same as being Agile.

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