Bot Service Using Azure

In my previous article, we learned what Bot framework is and learned Emotion App using Bot Framework. In this article, you will learn how to build a Bot account on Microsoft Azure Portal.

If you’re new to Azure, I recommend reading Introduction to Microsoft Azure, to learn from this article.

If you don’t have an Azure account, click here to get an account free of cost.


Only one thing is required to create Bot account using Azure.

  • Azure Account
Let’s get started 

Login into Azure Management Portal.

Click on New and click Intelligence + Analytics followed by Bot Service (Preview).


Now, fill in all the mandatory fields, such as - name, resource group, location etc.

  • Name Provide the valid name for bot service. Finally, it should be your bot service URL of feature access.
  • Subscription Choose your default subscription. Subscriptions like – Free trial, Visual Studio Enterprise, Azure pass, and so on.
  • Resource group Select your location in which you are going to deploy the bot services.

Tick "Pin to dashboard" and click "Create".


Now, Azure will start provisioning and configuring Azure bot service.

Once deployment is successful, you will be navigated to the "Bot Service" page.


Then, create a Microsoft App ID by performing the following tasks.

Register your bot with Microsoft to generate a new App ID and Password. So, click create Microsoft App ID and Password Button, as shown below.

To create an App ID and Password, you will be navigated to Application Registration Portal. There, you will find App name, App ID, and click "Create an app password to continue" button.


It takes about a second. Now, the password for our bot service is generated. Finally, click "Finish and go back to Bot Framework" button.


Then in the Azure portal, paste the key which is generated in the previous step.


Now, choose language as C#.


Then, choose Bot service template as "Question and Answer" and click "Create bot".


Now, it’s time to "Connect Azure Bot Service to QnA Maker", so click "Sign in".


Sign into QnA Maker by using Outlook or Hotmail ID. Then, give permission to QnA maker to use your Microsoft Account.

Then, you will be logged in. Agree to the license terms and click OK. Develop a back-end application and connect with bot service.


Now, we are ready to use QnA Maker Account in Microsoft Bot Services.


In this article, we discussed creating a Bot account using Microsoft Azure. I hope, you enjoyed reading this article.

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