Building Chat Bots With Bing Search Results Using Bot Framework


The Bot Framework supports different types of rich cards, Azure AD authentication, and provides a richer interaction experience to the users. I have already shared about message design, login, and deployment in my previous article. In this article, I will show how to connect and deploy bots into Bing Search.

You can build Bing Bot Application using Bot Framework and connect the application to the Bing channel so that whenever a user searches tag /category text, the Bing search output shows your Bot along with your website.

Bot Framework

You can follow the below-given steps for implementing your bot application into the Bing Channel.

Setup and Create New Bot Application

You can read my previous article for creating a Bot application using Visual Studio 2017

Bot Framework

Deploy Bot to Azure

You can read my previous article for deploying a Bot application into Azure using Visual Studio 2017.
Bot Framework

Publishing Bot on Bing

Step 1

For publishing a bot on Bing, you need to navigate to Bot Framework Portal > Login with Microsoft account > select "Deployed Bot Application" > click the Channels tab, and then click Bing.

Bot Framework

Step 2

Upload Bot png icon within 32kb. The Bot icon will help people to find bot on Bing with image.

Bot Framework

Step 3

Provide the Bot application's basic information

  • Display Name - provide a bot display name. This name will appear in Bing Search results.
  • Long Description – provide for bot application. The bot must operate as described in its bot description.
  • Website - Link to your website for more information about this bot.

    Bot Framework

Step 4

The Category and Tags options will help us to search the bot. You can select relevant category and provide comma-separated tag values.

Bot Framework

Step 5

You can provide the following publisher information.

  • Publisher Name
  • Publisher Email
  • Publisher Phone

    Bot Framework

Step 6

Provide the privacy and terms URL and click on Submit for review.

Bot Framework

Step 7

The review process will take a few weeks or days and you will get the approval email. After approval, you can search your Bot on Bing using search keyword based on category and tag.

Bot Framework

Click "Test on Bing", the link to preview a sample of how the bot will appear on Bing, like below.

Bot Framework

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In this article, you learned how to connect and deploy Bots into Bing Search. If you have any questions/feedback/ issues, please write in the comment box.

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