Configuring A Custom Domain Name For An Azure Website

A domain name is a URL which is responsible to access websites. Domain name identifies IP address. Domain name is an identification string which defines a scope of administrative autonomy, control within Internet. Any domain name locates Internet address for an URL at points to Internet and particular host server named. 

For managing our custom domain name, you must have to login with Azure.

Firstly, we need to create a Web App, so go to Web Apps blade and click on “New” button in the bottom of the page.


In compute section create a Web App.

Give a name to your Web App, here I have given it “customdomainweb”.

Select your Service Plan whether you want the location of your Web App and then click on to “CREATE WEB APP”.

Create Web App

Web App will be successfully created, click on it for further.

Web App

Click on “SCALE” panel to select the mode for your Web App.


In the following screenshot, for custom domain name we need to select app service plan pricing tier which is available in Shared, Basic and Standard modes for the Web App. Select Shared plan and save it.

Shared plan

Click on to “Dashboard” to manage custom domain, in the bottom of the window hit on “Manage Domains”.

Manage Domains

So, my Web App has a domain and virtual IP Address, we need to map this IP Address to the specific domain which we can buy from the Godaddy website.

Put your domain name which you want to set, when you want to put your domain name it will mark as red because we do not map with specific domain name.

Here also we can see the IP Address and CNAME (Canonical Name) to map our particluar website to specific domain name.


Log into your domain provider, here, I’m using Godaddy account, and go to “DNS Zone File” panel to make some changes.

We need to add a record of Host, click on to “Add Record”.

DNS Zone File

A record, maps a domain name to an IP Address means mapped to my IP.

Record Type: Record Type would be A(Host) from the dropdown menu.

Host: In the Host panel give to @ symbol.

Points To: Enter IP Address of your Web App.

According to your choice give Time to Live to it.

Click on to finish button to add this record.


A record will be created, for saving the change click on to Save Changes.


Now we need to add CNAME, which maps a domain name to another domain name means mapped to

To create a CNAME click on to “Add Record”.

Add Record

Choose the CNAME from the dropdown menu.

An awverify record is used to determine whether our own domain is going to attempt to use something means CNAME record that maps from to awverify.


Add another CNAME points to map.


Click on to save changes to save all the changes.


So here in the following screenshot put your domain name, it will be mark as green, means you have completed custom domain name.


Just Click on button which is marked in circle and enjoy your website live on Azure with the domain name you want.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Stay tuned with me for more on Azure and other Microsoft technologies.


Connect (“Nitin Pandit”);

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