Create A Content Type In SharePoint 2013


Content type is the most powerful feature in SharePoint . Content types allow your documents to be organized and uniform across your SharePoint site.

It's like a template and we can reuse the same template in other site collection. Once we created , we will commonly use same template whenever it's required.

We can create a content type in multiple ways .
  1. Using Out of Box feature ( User Interface)
  2. Using Visual Studio ( Server Object model )
We can use Content type in SharePoint list, library, event receiver, workflow and page layout.

Steps for creating a Content Type


Go to Site settings -> click Site content type under Web Designer Galleries .

SharePoint 2013


Click on New - > the below screen will appears.

SharePoint 2013

Now you can add the Name and Description of the Content type and you have to choose parent content type. Next you have to choose the group, in which group you want to add your content type then click on Ok. SharePoint 2013

Once it's created the created content type screen looks like this.

SharePoint 2013


Now you can create site column under your content type. You can use existing site columns or create a new site columns .SharePoint 2013


Now, I have created three new columns under Content type or you can use existing site columns
SharePoint 2013
SharePoint 2013

Now, I  have created a list and I will use the same content type in that list.

Go to list -> List Settings - > Advanced settings under General settings menu.

SharePoint 2013

Select Allow management of content type ="Yes " then click on Ok .

SharePoint 2013


Then go to content type section in your list settings page and click on add from existing site content types .
SharePoint 2013


Choose your content type and click on Ok button.
SharePoint 2013

Then go to your list and add an item in your list . Once it is added then edit the item and see if your content type is visible here .

SharePoint 2013

If I choose MyContentType then I will see one more page to add items.
SharePoint 2013

Finally, the ListView looks like this.

SharePoint 2013
These are the steps to create a content type in List . You can create the same for Library.

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