Create And Use Document Libraries In SharePoint Online With Newly Modified View

Log in to Office 365 portal.


Navigate to admin center and open the site.


After opening a site, click site settings -> Add an app.

Add an app

Click Document library app to create.


Provide the name for the library.

name for the library

Click Create.
Thus, now the document library is created with new view.

new view

When you click New, you are able to create a new folder.

Create a Word, PowerPoint, Excel workbook from here, using online office apps.

Now, let’s go to upload the document, using” Upload” option.

Using upload, you can directly upload the files and folder sets from your computer.


Click upload files.


Select the file, whatever you are going to upload into the library. Click open.

You can also create a column directly, using Add column button.

Add column button

Now, we are going to add single line of text and provide the title.

Click create.


Also, you are able to control show or hide the column from this view.

show or hide column

Also, you can create a “Tiles view”, which looks a like a picture library view in SharePoint OnPremise.

Tiles view

Click Save view.
All the changes were applied to this view.
You can also get the recent activity from this view, when you click on the information button.


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