Create SharePoint Project And Deployment Steps Using Visual Studio 2015

What is SharePoint?

  • SharePoint is a web based document management and collaboration tool.
  • It is used to create the sites, manage permissions, and is highly configurable.
  • Search is one of the main features in SharePoint that is more efficient.

What is Farm Solution?

It is hosted on IIS Worked process i.e. W3WP.exe. It can affect the whole farm when we run the code. IIS application pool will be recycled when we retract or deploy the farm solutions.

Steps to create SP Project using VS Templates

Follow the below listed steps to create a SharePoint project. SharePoint Project Templates are available in VS.

Step 1

Open Visual Studio as administrator.


Step 2

Select File >> New >> Project, as shown below.


Step 3

Then, choose "SharePoint 2016 – Empty Project" from the template list. This template is available under Office/SharePoint - SharePoint Solutions.


Step 4

After selecting the template, provide the name for the project and then select the location of project as per your need.


Step 5

Then, click the “OK” button to create a new SharePoint project.


Step 6

Once you click the OK button, you will get the pop up to choose whether it is sandbox or farm solution. As we are creating the project for on-premise, we can choose the farm solution. Then, click “Finish” button.


Before you proceed, ensure that the URL is valid.


Step 7

Finally, the project has been created successfully.


As per your need, you can create the List, Libraries, Modules, and webpart.

Then, right click the project and select "Deploy" to deploy the project on SharePoint site, as show below.



In this article, we have explored how to create SharePoint project and how to deploy the farm solution on SharePoint Server using Visual Studio. In the next article, we will see how to create a List/Library in SharePoint project using VS.

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