Creating A New Subsite And Navigation Link On SharePoint

Introduction: This article will help you to add a subsite and navigation link on SharePoint, using Office 365.

Note: Make sure you have worked on my previous article to make sense of what  SharePoint is, creating a site collection, and customizing your site collection with the new pages and content.


Follow the steps now:

Step 1: Open your SharePoint access under Office 365 and open your Site Collection page. Click the page which you just created in the previous demo. Here, in my case, I will be going to Registration Department and will be adding a home link here.

Click Edit and click on the +links option. Here, copy the link of the home page and paste it here.



Step 2: Under Add a link option, Add text as “Home” under Text to display and under Address, paste the URL, which you copied before for Home page.



Step 3: Click Save button now.


Step 4: Now, let's add a new page for Accounts.

Go to Settings option and click Site Contents.


Scroll down and click the new subsite.


Enter details for Title and Description regarding the page which you are going to create, Web site address, Template Selection etc. and click Create.



Step 5: Click Edit Links and remove the unwanted panels from the page which you have created.

Edit Links

Click the right down arrow and select Delete.


Confirm the deletion by clicking OK.



Add some text to display. Here, I will be adding “This page is for Accounts”. Now, click Save.

Step 6: Click Edit links to add a navigation link for Home page at this Accounts page.


Step 7: Add “Home” as Text to display and URL address for the home page. Click OK.


Here, your Home page has been added and you can navigate to the multiple pages, as you require.


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