Creating A Simple Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow allows you to create an automated workflow among your favorite apps and services to get notifications, synchronize files, collect data, and more.

Services available in Flow


Benefits of Flow
  • Automates almost any time-consuming task or process.
  • Sets up a simple one-step flow that notifies the whole team members whenever a work item is updated, completed.
  • Creates a complex multi-step flow that captures, tracks, and follows up with new sales leads—all automatically.
  • Used to bring approval workflows and other automation capabilities to Power Apps, and integrate your existing services with the Microsoft Common Data Model. 


  • Microsoft Account – Corporate ID

Let’s get started.

Visit to create a Microsoft Flow account. On welcome page, click Sign in if you already have a Microsoft Flow corporate account, else, click Sign up.

Note - You need a corporate ID to create a Microsoft Flow account.


Once your Flow dashboard appears, click User icon on the top. Now, click My flows option.

In My flows wizard, click Create from template, as shown below.


Now, choose any template from the available templates, as shown below. 

Note - Here, I am using “RSS feed to send e-mail”.


Now, select Use this template and create RSS account and office 365 by signing in.

Once signing in is complete, click Continue.


Then, provide RSS Feed URL and To - Mail ID and click Create flow.


Once the Microsoft flow is created successfully, you receive a message as “Your flow was created “and click Done button.

Summary - This was all about creating a simple Microsoft Flow application.Stay tuned for more Flow articles.

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