Creating An Appx Using Visual Studio

I know it may sound pretty easy to all the experienced developers out there to build an Appx using Visual Studio but it may be a daunting task for a newcomer (at least it was for me when I was a newbie). If you are making an App and you want to share it with friends just to get feedback, sharing with them the Appx file is a cool idea. They can install the Appx on their windows phone and enjoy your App. This post tells you how to do that.

Please Note: This post doesn’t tell how to make an Appx to upload to Windows Store.

Step 1: Open the Solution(.sln) file using Visual Studio.


Step 2: Build the Project (Don’t forget to select “Release” and “ARM” or as you require)


Step 3: Build succeeded


Step 4: Right click on the Project. Go to Store -> Create App Packages,


Step 5: The prompt asks whether you are making appx for store? Select NO and click Next.


Step 6: Give the Output Location for the Appx and select the type of Appx you want.


Step 7: Package creation completed (Launch Windows Certification Kit [If Required]).


Step 8: Go to the Output folder that you had mentioned to see the Packages that were created.


Step 9: Use the Appx as you want e.g. copy it to a Windows Phone and install it.


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