Creating Repository In Github And Connecting To Visual Studio 2013 To Share Project

GitHub is a web-based distributed version control system. It is used publicly to share projects and code. GitHub was launched in 2008. GitHub has nearly 12 million users and 31 million repositories.

Here I will explain the following things,
  • Creating Repository in GitHub.
  • Connecting Visual Studio 2013 with GitHub Repository.
  • Sharing a project in GitHub.

    Here first I will explain how to create a repository in GitHub. For this you have to create a GitHub Account. If you don't have a GitHub account then  you can start creating an account.

    For those who have their account in GitHub just login and start creating a repository as explained below,

    After that create a repository name. The Repository name should be some meaningful name as per your project. I have given the name as follows.

    After clicking create it will create a Repository and give back the url to you as shown below.

    Now the first step is over and now we will connect the Visual studio with the Repository.

    Connecting to Git Repository is very easy from Visual Studio. It requires only 2 steps,

    Firstly, right click on any solution you want to share and select the following option.

    After that select the Git option as shown below.

    Now select the following Commit option.

    Now it will add all your files as shown below.

    Now if it asks for email and password please provide that.

    Now click update.

    Now click the Sync option to share your changes to server.

    Now please provide your GitHub Repository Url you copied while creating Repository and Click Publish. It may ask your GitHub userId and password,

    After that it will start publishing; it may take some time.

    And finally it will publish and you will check your project in GitHub as in the following.

    So in this way we can share our code to GitHub repository.
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