Creating A Virtual Machine In Azure

Virtual machines are widely used by any software IT Industry business. Early on, several companies provided the software in which you could make your own virtual machine and install or dump any operating system into it.

Again, in this kind of scenario, you need space to install the virtual machine software into your system, which requires your disk space and hardware configuration to be able to handle the load of another operating system along with your system.

Azure virtual machine

Azure virtual machine gives you the kind of flexibility of virtualization for a wide range of your computing solutions, as you are running an Application on it or extending any datacenter.

Azure virtual machine helps you to choose your own virtual machine image for the  Azure marketplace.

Another part of this is that you pay only for what you use, which means you only pay for the computing time, which you use.


You can scale from one to thousands of virtual machine instances. Also, you can scale globally, which means in any region, where your customers are.


Security plays an important role in Azure virtual machine Services. It basically helps you to encrypt the sensitive data, and protect your virtual machines from the unwanted viruses and malware. Also, you can  secure your network traffic and much more.

The power of hybrid Cloud

Virtual machines basically help you to integrate Azure Cloud capacity into your global data centers and help you in load balancing when you need it.

Open source options

Azure virtual machines help you to deploy your full range of open source software solutions. You can even deploy your database solutions into them like Oracle database and Oracle Web Logic server. Azure really gives you the flexibility with lots of options.

Run Enterprise Service

You can run your world-class enterprise Application with full support of Microsoft expertise.

It is powerful for any business solution. Configure your virtual machine size and it's easy to handle even large business needs. Virtual machines are perfect when they demand faster CPUs, better local disk performance and require higher memory.

Now, let’s see how we configure virtual machine in Azure

  1. Sign in to your Azure portal.
  2. Click plus sign in the top left corner.
  3. Compute > Windows Server > Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter > Create Virtual Machine > Basics and fill all the required information and click Next.


  4. Choose your Virtual Machine Size Configuration part, as per your need.

  1. Configure Settings section according to your need, followed by clicking OK.


  2. Check summary, followed by clicking OK.
  3. Once your deployment is done, connect your virtual machine, using RDP.

  1. Click Connect button and give the credentials which you gave at the time of creating your virtual machine i.e. 1. Basics Section.

  2. Virtual Machine is connected now.

I hope you liked the article. I look forward to your suggestions.