Creating Visual Studio Debug Shortcut

While working on big Applications (like legacy applications – with more than 20-30 projects), most of us find it difficult to start a new instance of the specific project.

Most of us are habituated to do F5 (Start) button, by default, whereas the requirement is to start the new instance of the project.

The traditional way to do this is by using mouse right click on the project and going to Debug, followed by Start New Instance. According to the time taken, it becomes a  tedious process, where you are debugging something over and over to find/solve the bug. Usually, there is no direct way where you can specify that this keyboard shortcut is for this purpose.

Here is how you can fix it by creating a shortcut for the same in Visual Studio 2015.

Navigate to Tools-Options.

Navigate further to Environment-Keyboard.
Look for the text containing.


Once you find it, select it and navigate to click Shortcut Key command box.
Apply the key strokes you are fine with and hit Assign.

That’s it, you are all set to save some seconds on each Debug session.