Deploying An IoT Hub Using Microsoft Azure


In this article, I am going to create an IoT Hub using Azure. The services of that IoT Hub will be used for connecting various devices to Azure Services for accessing our device remotely. The connected devices are then used to send and receive the messages and the controls from our device.

Internet of Things (IoT) Hub

IoT Hub is a service provided by the Microsoft Azure that allows the user the create the Hub and connect to various IoT devices and send the commands or receive the notification from our devices. Azure IoT Hub is a fully managed service that enables reliable and secure bidirectional communication between millions of IoT devices and a solution back-end. Azure not only provides the IoT Hub, but also, it is a provider of various IoT devices.

  • Azure Account.

To create an IoT Hub, do follow the following steps:

to the Azure Portal.


In the Dashboard, press the "+" button and click "Internet of Things". Then, click "IoT Hub".

Configuring IoT Hub
  • After choosing IoT Hub, it opens with the new "IoT Hub Creation" Blade. 
  • In there, provide the name as per your wish.
  • Then, press the "pricing and scale tier" and it displays the various configuration for the IoT Hub with various proce details. Choose the reqiured one that you want.
  • Then, chose the number of IoT Hub Units.
  • Now, configure the Resource Group and select the subscription.
  • Finally, select the Region and press "Create" to create the IoT Hub.
In the IoT Hub, you may configure the IoT Hub for your convenience.


Now, the configuration is finished.  Click "Create" button to create the IoT Hub.
From this window, we can control our hub. In the "Shared Access Policies", we can use each different service for our IoT devices.


Press the "Shared access policies ".
Pressing the "IoTHubOwner" shows various access keys for the IoT Hub.
The "connection string" on the right-side corner consists of 4 shared access keys which allow services to connect with our device.


That's all. We have created an IoT Hub successfully. It is the first step in deploying the Iot Hub in Azure. In the next article, I will show how to create the identity of the IoT Hub that we created.


I hope you understood how to create an IoT Hub using Azure.

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