Edit Or Remove Permission From Existing Data Source Connection From Power BI


In this article, we will talk about how we can remove existing data source connection from Power BI.

Sometimes, there are situations in which we should remove the existing connection from Power BI. For an example, I connected my Power BI desktop with SQL Server using Windows Authentication or I have used Facebook online services with my own account. Now, I want to change my SQL Server authentication or I want to prepare the Facebook online report using someone else's account. At that time, Power BI automatically detects these things from the existing connection. In this article, we will learn how we can remove our existing data source connection from Power BI Desktop.

Now, let’s get started.

Step 1

Open your Power BI Desktop.

Step 2

Go to File Menu > Options and Settings > Data Source Setting.


Step 3

It is showing two options,

  1. Data source in current file
  2. Global Permissions

Data Source in Current File

It will show all the data sources used in preparing the current open Power BI Desktop project.

Global Permissions

It will show all the data sources which are used till date to prepare different Power BI reports.

This data source settings have two options,

  1. Edit Permission
  2. Clear Permission

Step 4

Suppose, I want to clear permission for my SQL Server Database. I will select SQL Server and click on the "Clear Permissions" button. 


It will open a confirmation pop up to clear the permission.

Click on "Delete".


It will remove the permissions.

Step 5

Now, we will edit permissions. I have configured my Facebook account to prepare the Power BI report.

Now, I want to change the account information. For that, I will select Facebook > Edit Permission.


It will open the below pop up.


Click on "Edit Credentials".

Click "Sign In as different user".


Enter the new credentials.


Click "Login".

Data source settings have been changed successfully. You can just repeat the same procedure for any kind of data source like SQL Server, MySQL, SharePoint Online List etc. to change a permission.


This is how we can remove or change the existing data source connections from Power BI Desktop.

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