Getting Started With Azure Service Bus


Azure service bus is used to manage the communication between the applications in all environments either on premise or in the cloud.


  1. Features of Azure Service bus
  2. Creating a Namespace in Azure portal

Features of Azure Service bus

Azure service bus is a message fabric which is scalable too. It provides three types of message platform

  • Service relay
  • Queue 
  • Topics

When to use it?


It supports one directional communication, that means the message which is sent by the sender will be stored in queue until the receiver gets active to pull the message, where the load leveling and load balancing comes into the picture.

Service Relay

It Provides a bi-directional Communication, it doesn’t act as a broker like queues and topics

Request/Response: The sender sends a message and the receiver receives the message anywhere


It provides a one directional communication using subscription as link queues. It acts as a broker, where each subscription can have a filter which is optional to receive a message based on certain rules which are defined in filter.

Creating a Namespace in Azure Portal

Step 1

Login into Azure portal( using your azure account

Step 2

In Azure portal click on new and search as azure service bus in market place, click on service bus

Figure 1
Figure 2

Step 3

Click on Create to create a new service bus namespace

Figure 3

Step 4

Give a meaningful name for the namespace, in my case I named it as “msgdemobus”

Figure 4

Service plan

Right now we have three service plans,

  1. Basic
  2. Standard
  3. Premium, choose the plan based on the requirement
Figure 5


  • Subscription: Choose active subscription
  • Resource Group: Choose existing/new subscription
  • Location: Choose the nearest location, finally click on create


Step 5

Go to recent resource and click on msgdemobus, it will take you to overview of msgdemobus.

Click on Shared access policies from the setting to get the key and connection string to access the namespace from the application

Figure 6


In this article we have seen an overview of the azure service bus and created a namespace using the azure portal, in my future article I’m going to explain how to work with Azure service bus queues, relay, and other topics.

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