How To Add Splash Screen And App Icon🌀 In UWP Project


In this article, we will demonstrate how we can add a splash screen and app icon in UWP application. And also, we will add the Splash Screen background color. I hope you will like it.

Create your UWP application

Step 1

Open Visual Studio and select File >> New Project.
The "New Project" window will pop up. Select Blank App (Universal Windows), name your project, and click OK.
A new Universal Windows Project window will pop up. Select target version and minimum version and click OK.

Step 2

Once your project is created, open Solution Explorer and click on Package.appxmanifest.

Step 3

Next, you will see Package.appxmanifest screen. Just click on "Visual Assets". It will show all visual assets. Just click "Source".

A window pop up will open to let you select the image which you want for your App Icon. Click Open.

Step 4

It shows in "Asset Generator". Click on Assets and select All exclusive Splash Screen and Badge Logo and then click on "Generate" button.

It will automatically generate different size images set in all boxes.
In this step, repeat the Step 3 and select Splash image from file and open. Then, click on Assets and select only Splash Screen. If you want to set the splash screen background, after setting the background, click on the "Generate" button. 

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