How To Change Your Desktop Theme In Windows 10


In Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update version, you can use Windows 10 theme to change the desktop background, color, screen saver, Windows border and start menu on your system. There are four types of themes in Windows 10 - My Theme, Windows Default Theme, Installed Theme, and High Contrast Theme.
If you want to change the theme of Windows 10, follow these steps.
Step 1 - First, click on the Start menu and choose the Settings options.


Step 2 - In the Windows Settings window, select "Personalization" icon.


Step 3 - In the next window, open and select the "Themes" option from left-hand panel. 


Step 4 - Now, navigate to the Theme Settings. 


Step 5 - You will reach another screen where you can change the visuals and sounds on your computer.

Step 7 - Now, select the theme that you want for your computer. Here, we are selecting the default Window 10 theme, as shown below.


Now, your Windows 10 Desktop theme has been changed successfully.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Follow C# Corner to learn more new and amazing things about Windows 10.
Thanks for reading this article.

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