How To Create Lookup Table And Append To New Custom Field In SharePoint Online

Today, we shall see how to create a lookup table and steps to append that lookup table to a new custom field in Sharepoint Online.

First of all, sign into URL, as shown below.

Enter your credentials to login to Office365 Project site. After successfully logging in, you will be able to see the screen given below as a landing page.

Now, click on Menu, as shown below.

On clicking on menu, a list of items will be displayed, as shown below.

Select Project.

When you click on the Project, you can see Project online landing page, which is PWA (Project Web App) site, as shown below.


Click on the setting and select site contents, as shown below.

Select PWA Settings, so we can see all the settings for this site, as shown below.

Select Enterprise Custom fields and Lookup Tables under Enterprise Data, as shown below.

Make sure that you can see Enterpise Custom fields page, as shown below after clicking on Enterprise Custom fields link.

In this page, you can see two grids, which are given below.

  1. Enterprise Custom fields.
  2. Lookup Table for Custom fields.

It is shown below.

Now, our target is to create lookup table first and then append to custom field.

Let’s create a lookup table. To do so, click on New Lookup table button, as shown below.

Once you click on New Lookup table, Edit Lookup table will open, as shown below and fill in all the information, as per you requirement.

In the screenshot given above, I have filled the textboxes with some sample information.

In this demo, we named lookup table with Rathrolla(name).

Code mask

It is defined for each level, followed by the number and sequence of the character, which are allowed.

In our demo, let's put the characters, as shown below.

Now, create a lookup table, as shown below, which is next to code mask.

Finally, click Save.

Now, go and check lookup table. We are supposed to see this Lookup table in the list, as shown below.

Now, let’s create a new custom field. To do so, click on new custom field option, as shown below.

On clicking new custom field, it navigates to custom field page, as shown below.

In our demo, we shall name this custom field as Prem and a tiny description (not mandatory).

Now, its time to append Lookup table to this custom field, select the lookup table option, as shown below.

Once you click on Lookup table radio button, you will get a dropdown option with the list of Lookup tables, as shown below.

In our case, select Rathrolla and if we want to put default option in the dropdown, we can do that upon selecting radio button, as shown below.

Proceed to save the custom field.

To Verify

Go to the projects list page, as shown below.

Click on any project from the list and go to the project details page, as shown below.

Yes, we can see new custom field in project details page. Now, let's go see whether lookup table is appended or not. To do so, click on edit on top ribbon of this page, as shown below.

Yes, it appended successfully. Thanks for reading my article.