How to give strong name to DLL and how to install DLL in GAC

Steps for Giving  strong name to DLL

  1. Open .net command prompt.
  2. Go to the folder contanig DLL.
  3. Type sn -k test.snk, you can use any file name instead of test. This will create  test .snk file in that folder.
  4. Open the assemblyinfo.cs file of project.
  5. Type file path  in this tag [assembly:AssemblyKeyFile@"E:\hemant\practice\HP\bin\Debug\HP.snk")]
  6. Build  application, finally your strong name created for your DLL.


  • Created class library path E:\hemant\practice\HP
  • Open command prompt go to Dll folder path.

  • Type sn -k HP.snk

This create  HP.snk file in E:\hemant\practice\HP\bin\Debug folder.

  • Open the  AssemblyInfo.cs file of project. 

    Type  path  of snk file in following attribue.

  • Build class library.              

Steps for  Installing  in GAC

  • After giving strong name in .net command prompt type gacutil in DLL path

this will install file in assembly.

  • Copy the DLL file C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322 folder.

  • You can add references  to another  project  using .net tab.