How To Hide Security Settings In SharePoint Office 365 Online

Steps to follow:

First of all, sign into URL, as shown below.

Enter your credentials to log in to Office365 Project site. After successfully logging in, you will be able to see the screen given below as a landing page.

Now, click on Menu, as shown below.

After  clicking menu, a list of items will be displayed, as shown below.

Select Project.

When you click on the Project, you can see the Project online landing page, which is the PWA (Project Web App) site, as shown below.

Click on the setting and select site contents, as shown below.

Select PWA Settings, so we can see all of the settings for this site, as shown below.

Now, to hide this Security setting, click Admin from the left side quicklaunch bar, as shown below.

Click on Admin, as shown in the screenshot given above.

Once you click on Admin, the page will navigate to admin portal page. Select Admin Centers and select SharePoint, as shown below.

Once you click on SharePoint, the page navigates to admin page, where you can see the list site instances, as shown below.

Select the site in which we want to disable the security option - the PWA Settings page.

After selecting the sites, click on Project Web app settings on the top ribbon, as shown below.

Click on settings, then we will see a pop up box, as shown below.

Select SharePoint Permission Mode to disable the security option and the results are shown below.

Hence security option was disabled by following the steps given above. To enable it, follow the same steps and check Project Permission Mode.

The results are given below.

Thanks for reading my article. Any suggestions or comments are always welcome.

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