Introduction To PowerApps

What are PowerApps?

PowerApp is simple to use. It doesn’t require great knowledge of programming to make fully functional apps very rapidly and easily.

Make sophisticated business apps, which combines the other automation Services of Microsoft Flow and Power Bi for analytics.


Just Add PowerApps

Get inspired with pre-build templates or start from the new development wizard. You already have everything which you need to have to start building the apps, which means business.

Turn Data into Apps

Connect to the existing data source and service such as Excel files, SharePoint lists, CRM records and custom APIs to generate an Application.

No Coding Required

Work in Visual Designer to customize a fully functional app. Build some apps, which use the hardware acceleration including the cameras, GPS and Pen Control without coding.

Connection List


Add a connection 

In left navigation bar, click manage and click connections.

In the upper right corner, click or tap New connection in the list and click Add connection.

Update or delete connection

To update the connection, click or tap the edit icon and provide the credits for the connection.


To delete the connection, click the delete icon.


Install a gateway

In the left navigation bar, click manage and click gateways.


If you don’t have the admin rights for a gateway, click install a gateway now.

View and Manage connection gateway

Admin-Administrator is a person, who has a full control to add the users and grant permissions for gateways.

Can Use-User can create a connection on a gateway.

Can Use + Share- The user can create a connection on a gateway and he is able to share Application automatically.

View and manage connections on a gateway

In the left navigation on PowerApps portal, click Manage, click Gateways, followed by clicking gateway.

Click Connection and click connection to modify the connection and its details.

To share a connection, click share and we are able to add or remove the users.

Build Apps Like

Cost Estimator looks like-
Site Inspection looks like-
Budget Tracker looks like-
What do we need? 


  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Chrome V 47
  • Safari for MAC book.
  • Firefox

Link for Power Apps Portal is


Universal Windows Application is also available to deploy the Application fast and fully functional with the time constraints.

Search Keyword is “PowerApps

Here, I have already installed and PowerApps Application. Thus, it displays Launch Application.



In this article, we will see about the basic requirement, what should PowerApps do and in my next article, we will see about deploying a first PowerApps Application.

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