Manage A Mobile Service With Registering For Push Notification


This article will help you managing the Mobile Service and registering an app name at the store, for Push notification to the Mobile Service app that has been already created.

Note: Before working on this article, make sure that you have created a Mobile Service from Azure Portal.

Developer Requirements
  1. Azure account
  2. Visual Studio 2013 with Update 2

Follow the below steps now

Step 1:
Download Azure Mobile Service app (that has been created at the Azure portal).

Mobile Service -> Mobile Service Name -> Windows -> Create a New Windows or Windows phone app,

Windows Phone App

Step 2: Make sure, you have Visual Studio and click Create TodoItem Table.

Create TodoItem Table

Create TodoItem Table

Now, select a language that you need to build the Mobile Service app. Here, we go with C#. Select download after selecting the language.


Extract the downloaded file and open it via Visual Studio

Here, in the Solution Explorer, you can find that the app is developed for both Windows and for Windows Phone. The bold color of the file name, in Solution Explorer, indicates the Startup Project which has been selected.

NOTE: Make sure that the same Azure account has been signed in at Visual Studio too. You can find the account details at the right top corner with the name.


Step 3: Now, register your app for Push Notification.

Right click Project Name -> Add -> Push Notification.

Push Notification

Step 4: Here, sign in with your store account.

sign in

Step 5: Reserve an app name.


Step 6: Select Subscription.


Step 7: Click Finish. You can find Push Notification Service is being added.


The same can be done to add Push Notification Service for the Windows phone app (that has also been generated).

Follow my articles for learning how to add authentication for Push Notification apps, in my future posts.

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