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So finally we are starting a Mobile Site. My basic idea to start this site is to show you a real-world example and how mobile programming can be integrated to a web site. I would try to build this site as useful as I can. If you've got any ideas or suggestions, please don't hesitate to send it to me. I would be glad to see your response.

Here is the Menu Page of the Site. What you need to do is just make a directory in your server and put this code in that directory. This Menu page consists links. I will give you these link regularly in my forthcoming articles. You can find source code and latest news about the site development.

Save this code as MobileHome.aspx and  enjoy the way.

Source Code:

// Source Code starts
<%@ Register TagPrefix="Mobile"
Namespace="System.Web.UI.MobileControls" Assembly
<%@ Page
Language="CS" %>
<mobile:Form id=Form1 runat="server">
mobile:Label id=Label1 runat="server">
Welcome to Shivani`s Mobile Unit
mobile:Link runat="server" NavigateURL="CurrentNews.aspx" ID="Link1">
Current News
mobile:Link runat="server" NavigateURL="Horoscope.aspx" ID="Link2">
Daily Horoscope
mobile:Link runat="server" NavigateURL="Weatherupdates.aspx" ID="Link3">
Weather Updates
mobile:Link runat="server" NavigateURL="MobilePages.aspx" ID="Link4">
Mobile pages
mobile:Link runat="server" NavigateURL="MobileDiary.aspx" ID="Link5">
Mobile Diary
mobile:Link runat="server" NavigateURL="WordJumble.aspx" ID="Link6">
Word Jumble
mobile:Link runat="server" NavigateURL="MailingUnit.aspx" ID="Link7">
// Source Code End

Here is the  output in Nokia ToolKit




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